Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pilobolus Dance Theatre "Shadowland"

Fantastic art work on the stage!

Traumwelten im Schattenreich
wetten dass vom 30.4.2011

Top comment:

Incredible, Amazing, Uplifting, this is exactly what art and imagination are meant to be, different, exploring, extreme and moving. If this group comes near you go see them, life is meant to be lived and this is one of those moments in human existence that is truly trans-formative, BRAVO.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dream Job and Yet Complain - Singapore Version

This is funny but the idea was stolen from other country's commercial.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Japanese Live Frog sushi

This is very sick...

Top comments:

You're retarded, this video is like getting a cow, chopping off its legs and chewing on it's flesh while it's alive. Animals are slaughtered by law, via their throat, which causes no pain and is a quick death. It's about being humane and having some decency. Now, go be someone else's superman.

Do you even know how the fuck they make foie gras in France? They force feed ducks and goose by inserting tubes to their stomach. Some of their stomachs burst from too much food. Before you talk shit about Japanese food, why don't you do your research. I say it's more cruel then this video. Sorry for my poor English.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey GOODBYE

WWE has its singing talents.

Top comment:

Its funny how you guys can say cena sucks when in reallity you and the cena haters and the cena lovers have 0 TALENT oh cena cant wrestle

just look at yourselves

you cant wrestle your way out of a dark alley with 50000 bikers with chain saws after u

i cant wrestle either but i have a few moves the chokeslam the rko the spear the last ride then tombstone the killswitch my personal favourites the ankle lock the rock bottom & stunner

how many moves do u have.oh u have 0

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ET Ong 王荣德 - 爱上爱 [MTV]

A new Chinese song sung by Singapore talent ET Ong. ET was the top 5 finalist of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Singapore. The competition focused on the voting power of audience within the small market of Singapore, however, ET did impressively well to get a good standing with his poor family financial background.

The MTV is done by one of his fans.

"Wow!! Bryan!!! The whole editing coupled with ET's voice was sucha superb combi!!! I love it!!! Totally blew me away, and was literally moved to tears!! Thank you for this MV, i was hoping and praying for this!! Bryan, thank you soooo much!!"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Girlfriend Situps - A fun and sexy way to get six pack abs

A fun and sexy way to get six pack abs


I bet if the camera's not zooming, he will stick his penis in her ass.

multipleuse 9 hours ago

Engage THem!

almostsk8er12345 10 hours ago

Stuff that, if she was sitting on me like that I wouldn't' be worried about sit-ups......

HSDDTS 11 hours ago

"If your girlfriend wont sit on you to do situps, GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND" I love this part.

Hiddenlce 17 hours ago

It's so nice of you to let her out of the kitchen once in a while

AzuanOfficial 1 day ago

Show us what happened after the recording stopped :D

asdasad 1 day ago

Kissing her boobs is much more effective!

a146HEX 1 day ago 2

Ive tried doing it with my girl friend while we were both naked........

hasyimoto 1 day ago

She sits directly above your dick, if you got a boner than it would be like poking at her

hasyimoto 1 day ago 2

Just checked the Kama Sutra and I found this position in there, but it's not called "Girlfriend Situp"

brunoccs 1 day ago

Yeaaah sit up.. suuuurreeee.

Max2020 1 day ago

does'nt it get hard halfway thru?

shinegrey253 1 day ago

@shinegrey253 icwatudidthere

MrWhoby 1 day ago

Why do i watch this and get boner ??? :L

MBennial14 1 day ago

i can sit on your girlfriend if you want me to.. lol..

enzemdragon 1 day ago

Well played sir.

Dyfrix 1 day ago

Can I be your girlfriend too?

SuperTunaSandwich 1 day ago

Hmm... I wonder where I can buy that workout equipment....  @_@

LoneWolf69sg 1 day ago

i did this and i got a boner

t3nd10usx 1 day ago 6

1:09 Pure wisdom.

acelsg 1 day ago

Step 1 is hard man...

Wakka02 2 days ago 4

Oh i'll ride him Bare Back  :P

jayboytoy007 2 days ago

still at step 1 man...

theunknownevil 2 days ago

Is this possible if I am friendzoned?

perwiratempur 2 days ago 6

im having a boner fight now.. if she is in that position.. i do the leg curl up..

ichigok42 2 days ago 2

HARD MODE: She sits on your face while you do situps.

rockjianrock 2 days ago 59

@rockjianrock why am I still laughing at your comments after 5 minutes!

redroseandlips 1 day ago

@rockjianrock hahahaha thats hilarious lol

bradscottfitness 1 day ago 5

@bradscottfitness now do girlfriend dragon flags and girlfriend glute ham raises

rockjianrock 1 day ago

@rockjianrock Almost shat a brick when I read that. Nice one!!!! High Five!!!!!! LOL

davidlamberti 1 day ago

bet they had sex after that

FuriousGrey 2 days ago 4

Soon you'll get tired of kissing your girlfriend, if you know what i mean.

1Deborah8 2 days ago

Is it just me or does the girl leans forward more as time passes?

Prominence580 2 days ago

I dunno about others, but it seems kinda boring to me... i'd go for long, wet, tongue-tying kisses than repeated pecks on the lips any day...

perverted77 2 days ago

I already failed in step one

kevindgreat3315 2 days ago

I scare that I will scare of kissing next time

iPohHoFeN 2 days ago

Psshhh I've done the boyfriend sit ups :P

pinkapplejl 2 days ago

So I am girl and I should do boyfriend standups?

Visaliny 2 days ago

@Visaliny yeah you should.. and do it repeatedly..

ichigok42 2 days ago

Kissing all the time will get boring after awhile eh?

Need to mix it up a little.

Sometimes a kiss, sometimes a sniff

Sometimes a nudge, sometimes a bust.


a9fc 2 days ago 4

good way to workout,boasting your testosterone while working out hahah

Thevide0123 2 days ago

No douche-bag..There is a better way to do push-ups also..if you know what i mean..

VPShanzo 2 days ago

he got boner all the way..

gan2ws 2 days ago

This would only work on an already buff man.

SebastienCade 2 days ago

the message at the end is a win.

iloveursis 2 days ago 4

i would situp for the boobs

projexstudio 2 days ago

This method won't work for me,because i'll only be doing a situp every 20 minutes hahahah

HIM666dark6light 2 days ago

nice boobs

Djasonpng 2 days ago

....and then they fucked. =P

FenderAddict93 2 days ago

I'd rather work on my finger muscles if ya know what i mean. Bdmm tss !

MrButterneo 2 days ago

western people kiss a lot. can they still feel the lust?

PHY104 2 days ago

i'm so trying this, but with my pants off and my d*ck inside her, it'll be even more sexy that way :)

zeract 2 days ago

Gonna try this!

menamesfiz 2 days ago

for guys who are starting out to do sit ups, i think after 10 kisses they would carry the girl to bed and do other 'types' of exercise

AmirIZ1 2 days ago 5

Porn =1:19 to 7:29 only Chuck Norris can see,

ASTiGBA 2 days ago

Bet that's not the only thing that is "UP"

xshawnlolx 2 days ago 4

This could have been better if she was stroking his "ego".

nedatronics 2 days ago

= =...

sandralim27 2 days ago

step one is the hardest

MrWongkoksum 2 days ago 15

lol, i thought u were gonna rub ur face in her boobs there for a sec...

kiss9hug 2 days ago 12

see whos' getting laid tonight :-)

25536lennix 2 days ago

I'd rather to work my chest out by pushup, asking my gf to lie under me.

omidptok 2 days ago 8

If its your gf..u wont work that hard to get kisses from her already...can just get it anytime..u'll only work ur ass off to get kisses like that when tht girl on top of NOT your gf....thumbs up from the guys?

Murukuish 2 days ago

Wow ur armpit how long did u not shave ?

SnipeYouAlive 2 days ago 5

may i borrow ur gf???hahaha

Kotaro5868 4 days ago

he is so hot

lolita15081985 5 days ago

you had boner after that haha :D no wonder i would have too!

Samaani93 6 days ago

Haha I gots to try this

antiboy551 1 week ago

Bro just subscribed to ur channel I'm 15 and I have started a fullbody workout with bench press squats deadlift military press etc. I'm losing weight and putting on muscle and getting stronger like crazy I don't count calories I try to just eat healthy. Funny as hell btw

XTheSpartanX7 1 week ago

No no no no no no no. Don't go up and kiss her, go up and bury your face in her boobs.

FridgeMaan 1 week ago 3

No dude You got in backwards. i'm doing situps in order to get a girlfriend!

iswmfastr 1 week ago 219

@iswmfastr lol well once you get one try this too haha. Its great fun

bradscottfitness 1 week ago 32

@iswmfastr YES SIR!

MW3insanity 2 days ago

@iswmfastr keep going! and when you get one, do this to maintain your body!

xen0genesis 2 days ago

LOLLLLLLLLL  thiis is legit, heres the reason y ppl dnt workout, NO MOTIVATION

6969doggiestyle 1 week ago

Comment removed

ReassureVolt 1 week ago

im writing this with one hand :D !!

serverhercules 1 week ago 73



jack01088 1 week ago

@serverhercules I'm replying you with one hand too :D

jaychou1994 2 days ago

@serverhercules hahah me too, but im playing with myself, with the other one ~~

MrSousou9381 1 day ago

i can see why he's buff.

usahero123 1 week ago

I wouldnt be able to concentrate on the sit ups

jackitpotato 1 week ago

sick man and allso gf

bololaoa 1 week ago

...does this work with wives?

pabsw 2 weeks ago 11

@pabsw no :)) !?!

mattheckkid 2 weeks ago 5

nice 'cos you get a little neck extension and obicularis work out at the same time :)

pabsw 2 weeks ago

my abs really suck - can I borrow your girlfriend? i'll return her I promise xD

007DefCon3 2 weeks ago 8

IF your girlfriend won't sit on you to do situps GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND!

IsaiahMJackson 2 weeks ago

alright what an i watching this is like amateur porn and by the way your girlfriend has a very nice body props

lukeslonergan 2 weeks ago

its not just abs endurance your working...

urrmama1 3 weeks ago

Muhaha! Nice thing

nexxo93 3 weeks ago

CLEVER! and cute

babylana70 3 weeks ago

this is so funny:P

kokipWnZ 3 weeks ago

The sit up is old news, the way to do them is that you lay on the floor,take a cushion fold it in half, place it under you lower back, come up just enough to crunch your abs as though they it is an accordion, also in this postion with the folded cushion you won't be abled to come up all the way of which works the hips not the abs. Your abs will hurt like all get out which means they are being worked not your hip flexors

zomeos 3 weeks ago

Dude this is a very good technique except one thing, after the first sit up I wouldn't go back down, LOL

Thats5Bucks 3 weeks ago 2

2 dislikes what the hell? Really awesome videos man! Good job.

AvengedSevenX702 3 weeks ago

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Muscle4LifeX 4 weeks ago 2

Press 2 several times for youtube porn xD.

Muscle4LifeX 4 weeks ago 8

after watchin this video...

me: babe will u sit on me so i can do sit ups and kiss u and be inspired to do more and more

and get kisses.

Girlfriend: umm no thats dumb.

me: then um. i think we need to see other people.

hahah true story. cuz if she wont help me someone other girl will :)

SCANTRAXX2304 1 month ago 2

Or you could just have sex... thats a good core workout

jahhhhhh123 1 month ago

this is a good idea minus the kissing...just to lovey dovey for me...

karr017 1 month ago

And when you finish your reward ***SEXYTIME***

bazinga1969 1 month ago

that is so cool... nice one!

bazinga1969 1 month ago

All I need is just a girlfriend,,,6 pack here i come

vvkvsw 1 month ago 6

Shes helping you cheat, tell her to keep her back straight!

bloodstreak87 1 month ago

I need a new girlfriend : D

fpsPirate 1 month ago

Tried this once, I couldn't even finish 5 sit-ups until things got um.............. heated..... women just can't live without em

vaddy23 1 month ago

thank u for this tip i only have a 4 pack but now i will defs have a 6 pack

metalmash19 1 month ago

if i did that dude my dick would go inside her lol ...

I could not help this lol

kane123369 1 month ago

i agree that's a real nice ass !

Erosennin450 1 month ago

@Erosennin450 she really does have a nice ass!

jenny6676 1 month ago

too cheesy

mid918 1 month ago

she's got a nice ass!

Archibald93 1 month ago

How did you NOT get a boner?

Archibald93 1 month ago 3 husband would insist some MAJOR sexy time afterwards ;)

Skyetropics 2 months ago 2

This is actually a pretty good idea.

antoniorossiz 2 months ago

very dissappointed; thought this was going to turn into a porno...

MatthewRLyons 2 months ago

Very Interesting! I like

highwood18 2 months ago


motleyfitness 2 months ago

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rockytroll 2 months ago

Damn That would Motivate me even More,,  :)

wrestlepitstud 2 months ago

lucky girlfriend!

themuscleluvr 2 months ago 31

@themuscleluvr faggot

los1wochos 3 weeks ago

next time pls ask your girl to hold the camera and video you crunching those hard abs.

feilou1 2 months ago

I'll immediately get a boner.

Kr4zi4ur0mg 2 months ago in playlist More videos from bradscottfitness 136

@Kr4zi4ur0mg haha, that's exactly what I was thinking about my boyfriend. I was like, um, that wouldn't work for him.

jenny6676 1 month ago

@Kr4zi4ur0mg If my girlfriend sat on me i go limp and go short of oxygen !

welshslash 3 weeks ago

fun workout! ;) i will have to try this out! :)

MissNorthCarolina1 2 months ago

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Comments: ` Tahah ,! Wat the SHOOt .! chorusxalhiiricka 4 hours ago is so good~  carzy159753 18 hours ago i've watched this at world's most mazing vids..hahahaha and it's amazing ezmoXD 22 hours ago omg... it hurts rosalynfurio1 1 day ago hahahaha  Demz17able 1 day ago ang sama edmanph 2 days ago แรงไปนะ ฮ่าๆๆๆ TheKonbabo 2 days ago 9gag!!! djondjoli 2 days ago 9gag brought me here :-B sleepman305 2 days ago press 4 :) RappChronic 2 days ago baliw tong girl na to diorelgavino 2 days ago press pause then press 1 thumvs up if you like XD laizel05 2 days ago infairness natawa ako :D ThePCs22 2 days ago prang tanga lang dre ! 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MrLemuel1004 4 days ago haha i love it corteyangel24 4 days ago semi pahiya =)) 025Kenneth025 4 days ago GRABIHA!!!!  mrdyaki 4 days ago facebook brought me here kayo b? 14egie 4 days ago 50 @14egie YEAH!! theX3MERZ 3 days ago @14egie haha :D phjabbawockidz 2 days ago @14egie same here endaime26 2 days ago :megusta: TheCarbonPONreoxide 4 days ago lakas kumayog nyan fusiondubdesign 4 days ago i wanna know the name of the girl.. lol she's hot ahaha maemae00000 4 days ago over sakit sa tyan kinatawa nyahahahahahahahahahahahahahah­ahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah joancutie27 4 days ago hahha  kaizokuSense 4 days ago Puros pinoy lang man nkakanuod nito lol 0416911 4 days ago @0416911 So what are you doing now? junogunayon 4 days ago Epic fail KelPOGITLGA 4 days ago FUS.. RO DA! MrLangam 4 days ago @MrLangam SKYRIM SHOUT!!! XDD Clyde1911 4 days ago :ilied: jasminchannel 4 days ago waa ahahah mseasteriffic02 4 days ago GODSPOWER! 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Sunday, October 21, 2012


The famous Oppa Gangnam style trending from Korea to all over the world.

Comments from the video's owner:

ORANG SABAH means Sabahans. Sabah is one of the state of Malaysia. It is simply a beautiful place. Everyone can come and visit Sabah for tourism spot. Truly amazing lovely state of Malaysia.

Let us clarify this. PARODY defines as "An imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect"

We do not say we are creative. We respect the choreography of PSY's gangnam style. Therefore, we did a parody. Nuff said.

We are just doing it for fun. Since we saw many parodies around the world. We also wanna do one parody for Sabah. No other intention. We wish every Malaysian fellows HAPPY MERDEKA.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michelle Jenneke CREEPER (Live)

Michelle Jenneke Dancing Sexy as Hell at Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012 .... parody

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kong Hee Court Case, July 25, 2012

City Harvest Church (Official) founder Kong Hee arrived at the Subordinate Courts this morning, to face 3 charges of criminal breach of trust, along with other City Harvest Church board members and officials.

The original 5 people who were charged have asked for their case to be adjourned for 5 weeks for pre-trial conferences.

A sixth, Serina Wee, was charged with 10 charges of criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts. She had her passport impounded and was released on SG$500,000 bail.

Friday, August 10, 2012

World's Largest Rope Swing


The girl at 1:15 is very nice who are you girl?

MrCoriender 47 minutes ago

geez i can t do that !

1912kskberan 2 hours ago

where is this and how could i do it ???

dogbertlacroix 3 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

So what if they misjudged it : I Could you imagine if they got the length calculation wrong!

cheekymonkey69er 4 hours ago

this video always cheers me up :)

Rathomi36 5 hours ago

Do you know that you could of got a fine for doing that?

cgtomboy 5 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

espero algun dia poder hacerlo =D

elmao16 6 hours ago

0:56, look at that rock making a pokerface

anadawaween 6 hours ago

1,120 people are to upset to admit how lame their lives are

MrDawgfan64 7 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

Your mom brought me here.

MrAnestay 8 hours ago

Wonder what the first person to jump was thinking?

iFuugz 8 hours ago

oh my fucking god what`s that. awesome  i wonna tooo

MrKukieli 10 hours ago

man my life sucks O_O

IntenseSoldier 10 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

I love these guys. Enjoying every single second of there life. That's exactly how life should be.

2UrbanNinja 10 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

evr get hurt?

HunterTHEshark11 11 hours ago

Wait....How do they get down? Or stop swinging?

FallenAngels975 11 hours ago


Its normally. The rope was stop swinging.

Phanth43 11 hours ago

i have never been more pissed off to see dislikes on a video

slightlyjamaicanman 11 hours ago

music deadly

utuber2461 12 hours ago

just having the time of there lives.....that what u call living :)

DoingThempossible 12 hours ago


LeKr3w 12 hours ago

So awesome!!!

CompletelyOlivia 12 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

Fit bird 0:32 ;)

cennyddw 13 hours ago in playlist Liked videos

i simply dont understand how you can dislike this vid....

meneerpimda 13 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

1119 died in there hahahaha

Petrucho2011 13 hours ago

Dear advertisers,

Commercials don't work on me, however any company that gives me this experience will instantaneously have my loyalty for life.



lopakasail 13 hours ago

Where was the video shot?

cjford507 13 hours ago

@cjford507 Utah, USA

Patfitz1234 6 hours ago

Just a pity youtube can't stream HD vids to do it justice. Any chance you can upload to Vimeo so I can watch it in it's full glory?

londonpommie 14 hours ago

what music is this??

u28whytockc 14 hours ago

0:42 Poker Face :D

marektachyon 16 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos


xxx86ig 17 hours ago

Holy crap. I wanna do that.

sadiewallace96 17 hours ago 7

@MrNightmare1899 Niee ! ; DDD

K4mil9r9 17 hours ago

Comment removed

K4mil9r9 17 hours ago

To jak rodacy, przejmujemy już ten film ?

MrNightmare1899 18 hours ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

i will be in Utah in a few months for a week or so definitely on the trip list of things to get done!

katiesuzzanneify 19 hours ago

Aventura total !!!

greysmila 19 hours ago

Epic Red One camera (for a couple shots)

why not all

spameister 21 hours ago

i wonder how much faeces was produced when the first person tried this out for the first time

TheJamin55 21 hours ago

@TheJamin55 it your not dumb any one could pulley system with two or more spotters at the top of the arch duh

katiesuzzanneify 19 hours ago

no risk no fun :P

celien7 22 hours ago

wo ist das?

98FIXU 22 hours ago

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Patfitz1234 6 hours ago

The face in the rock at the right of the screen at 0:43 :P

Simfaceable94 23 hours ago 2

jesus, I see this at school... Why the fuck am I here? fuck my life..

SimenLegend 1 day ago 3

I want to be friends with these people

dduble07 1 day ago

imagine if the rope suddenly tear apart.. and they'll be like woooooaaahh !!!

LexusTimmi 1 day ago

Look! Mormons in their natural habitat!

User0000000000000004 1 day ago

shit they don't teach in school, HOW TO HAVE FUN AND BE FUCKING AWESOME 

ethangunnels 1 day ago 3

how did they get down?

Franz780 1 day ago

where is this this is my next trip

katiesuzzanneify 1 day ago

@katiesuzzanneify Moab, Utah. 

starcraftflyer17 1 day ago

0:00 Jaw dropped

0:17 Mind Blown

0:20 Bricks Shat

bigfatowen 1 day ago

u gotta love @devinsupertramp

LessBreath 1 day ago

How do u not run into the rock?!

lizlynnlee 1 day ago

sweet wish i could do that

redsoxfan841 1 day ago

I cant think of a better video on youtube

SImons075 1 day ago in playlist Favorite videos

This has been flagged as spam show

0t01000 1 day ago



bobman550 1 day ago

do yall get paid to be crazy as hell?!??!?!?

CaidenWadeLombrana 1 day ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

1:16 Leap of Faith: Epic Mode

weadarkfacebook 1 day ago

learn to dance!  /watch?v=0ZbUffU0WrE&context=C­462261cADvjVQa1PpcFM16m4A8fO5t­94U48ro-JjkTaM1c8j3B6I=

vincentmentz 1 day ago

Comment removed

weadarkfacebook 1 day ago

That looks so ridiculously fun.

pianogirl613 1 day ago

I just found out what I want to do for the rest of my life. Crazy stuff

99ShadowKing 1 day ago

Looks so fun to do =). Nice editing. Your pick on the song selection makes the video more fun to watch! Keep it up.

AohkShadow 1 day ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)


Lukeboxhero 1 day ago

lucky bastards those chicks where hot in the middle of noware

Lukeboxhero 1 day ago

Yes, my life suck !

DNaaSTyx 1 day ago 63

i would rather be that smiley on the wall than doing my homework :)

phillynor2 1 day ago

When I will grow up , I will go in this place and i will ROOOOOOOOCK !!!!!

FNQmanga 1 day ago

Music Please

MrTollo15 1 day ago

@MrTollo15 Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up and Away

TheGreatOneInter 1 day ago

@TheGreatOneInter Thx :*

MrTollo15 22 hours ago

They are so lucky !

JelenaStylish 1 day ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

Wow - I am moving to America <3 TehOnlyAdzay 1 day ago 0:31 , someone punched her from behind dafuqisthis 1 day ago *sigh*..... back to minecraft RedJester93 1 day ago 43 @RedJester93 hahahahahaha questionsforsecrets 1 day ago @RedJester93 Le sigh* kirkham1991 14 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos @RedJester93 lolz MC sucks :3 deceivingmage 14 hours ago i am so fucking jealous -.-' TheSakisp 1 day ago This has been flagged as spam show JordanMan847 1 day ago doing a rope swing on my roof top MegaDSpoOn 1 day ago thats amazing!! itsHassan94 1 day ago lol how do u stop??? diejeuhlangeC 1 day ago говно Spectatorru 2 days ago @Spectatorru JEBEM TI MAJKU GLUPU!!!! To sto ne znas da uzivas u zivotu to je druga stvar,samo sedis za kompom i seres! Odjebi! SrbijaSrbimaBree 1 day ago nothing better then watching rich kids have fun godisscene 2 days ago @godisscene True... MrRockoSa 1 day ago This looks like so much fun!!! AskingSamanthaSevenn 2 days ago This looks amazing i wanna try cydkaysam123 2 days ago nothing to see here, just crazy white people! Scabia25 2 days ago so sick vids snowboder123098 2 days ago must do this someday woahcoolwaffles121 2 days ago woah TheCCrunner98 2 days ago u guys r sooo eXXXXXXtreme Bomblebean 2 days ago where is this rock at fuckin amazing alabamaman95 2 days ago @alabamaman95 my guess is the canyon lands in utah. arches park would be a solid bet CodyTheDeanGreen 2 days ago @alabamaman95 some arch in Utah key015 2 days ago That is so cool!! :-D Maybe I will try to do some of that her in Norway :-) LoverHardstyle88 2 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) Lovin' that LAUGH at 0:57 - 0:59. kyki0 2 days ago Look 0:43 LOL THERES A FACE IN THE ROCK! gangsterman667 2 days ago in playlist Favorite videos devin you show how you can feel alive and free... sad part is that you can only show it and not just give us those wondeful moments of life you al go trough. TheGcompany 2 days ago Is anyone else getting sweaty palms just by watching this? Would definitely shit my pants mid jump alexasiandude 2 days ago thats fucking best chace573 2 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) But, what if you rotate and hit the mountains? Adityac1 2 days ago Fuck, I see this and I just think. Damn why am I doing homework.......... Taziod 2 days ago 101 @Taziod That's exactly what I've been thinking the last 2 months ;) Why go to school if you can do this!! GENTRIFICATION100 2 days ago @Taziod First of all: Sorry for all the mistakes that could be in the following text, my english is not perfect. I'm also asking me that question everytime I see this. But then I think: Mhh... I'm doing my fucking homework to be good at school and get a great job in the future. Then I'll earn a lot of money and do things like this every weekend together with my friends :D And I'll buy my little brother all the things he ever wanted ... and a nice car for my mum ;D TheDawisu 1 day ago @TheDawisu What does being "good at school" even mean? Your being to shallow, what if you don't get a great job? What if you don't earn a lot of money? What if you job makes you do a lot of work and you end up working every weekend to get ahead? I'm saying I rather not have alot of money, and have fun with what I do. Maybe I only have enough to get a ford, not a farrari maybe I only have enough money to get a 3 bed room house, not a mansion. If all you want is money then your not thinking right. Taziod 1 day ago @Taziod no ! this is not what I wanted to say. let me try to explain: it's a nice, sunny afternoon and you sit in your room, doing homework or learning for the next test. in this moment, everythin sucks, and you think : why I'm doing my homework ?! and then you looking for a reason why not go outside and do fantastic things like this. and then there is a little child and you think: if i just had the money to book a flight to (...), then i could do/visit (...), and don't have to worry about ... TheDawisu 1 day ago in playlist Favorite videos @TheDawisu accidents or ilnesses. I don't need a mansion, or an expensive car, but I want my family to be happy and a save future. I think money is not everything, but it makes live easier, if you don't have to worry about it TheDawisu 1 day ago in playlist Favorite videos This has been flagged as spam show TheDawisu 1 day ago in playlist Favorite videos @TheDawisu money is not free, money does not equal happiness. Even if you had a job that gave you enough money to book a flight would you be able to go? Or would you have to wake up the next day at 6am and go to work to get that money? you need to sacrifice something to get money, i'm not sacrificing fun for money Taziod 1 day ago Great video ! How do you do your focusing with your 7D in movie mode ? Manually ? richandger 2 days ago 0:27 Wookie!! baijanmew 2 days ago white teeth :))) 0:32 Gabor731023 2 days ago Man, this is liiife!! What must I do to spend a day with you?? That would be awesome, like one of the best day of my life. *-* MrShadowFury 2 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) man that must be great :D I would love to do that BrainF4rtfeatSmartAs 2 days ago Fucking crazy bastards! Trotters222 2 days ago This is my first reason to live in USA. Sharkrolkz 2 days ago 0:43 rock face!!! sk3ltron 2 days ago 9 @sk3ltron that rock is like: "dafuq..?" mcnutseroni 2 days ago I so want to do that! UrOnlyNerd 2 days ago i would do that in a heart beat.... noteloveaa 2 days ago 1113 are scared of heights :P vickedee6 2 days ago 2 shut up and take my money shygabzo 2 days ago in playlist Favorite videos Respect for living life AmazingAid 2 days ago 0:31 lol AmazingAid 2 days ago Sensacional! PromoterAndy 2 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) how com e they dont go against the rocks? kevanlukk 2 days ago This has been flagged as spam show RayfieldAllenJones 2 days ago looks like fun RayfieldAllenJones 2 days ago that smiles afterwards are priceless..kisses too!!! :D :D :D beshtera 2 days ago I love the 1:15 guys :X ... So funny TheBaseXX 2 days ago This is amazing! where in the world is this place? Nickmeynell1 2 days ago thumbs up if you hate people who ask to get thumbs ups in their comments wirelessboyz 2 days ago 2 @wirelessboyz i hate you too lol:D sanbucho 2 days ago Hey Devin, I hope you will see this message. I absolutely love what you're doing in terms of pursuing what you love and not what others want. I particularly like your videos now because I'm at crossroads to what I will be doing in my life. 9-5 is what I will never do. So my question is if you could tell me how you started with everything and how can I make a living from the things I love Sorry for the wall of text, I hope you will understand me, I just have a passion with living, not surviving 33Genex 3 days ago 128 @33Genex I have the same exact question as this guy, how did you end up doing all of these things? how did you start? I hope we get reply, your videos are pure inspiration. DefinedART 2 days ago @33Genex I think you first have to find a bunch of crazy m.f., who will gonna do crazy ass tricks :D Dont lose faint! ;) PimpiFRun 2 days ago @33Genex Same here man, hope he comes out with a video like that on his second channel :)! TehFoxit 1 day ago Comment removed mmlongboards 3 days ago I so what to do this!!! TallCaliGurl 3 days ago is that in arizona????!!! XDAwtss 3 days ago @XDAwtss Utah key015 1 day ago What the fuck!? I went to school with the first girl they show. O.O chaoticartist1 3 days ago 0:27 epic scream =) sandylovemiley 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) :( AnonimowyAnonimek 3 days ago where is this swing..... I want to go there...with you look like a real proper laugh to be with....what a rush MrMattyrude 3 days ago awesome...... brilliant video guys....well done for the video MrMattyrude 3 days ago Hangin out with cute chicks all day long while swinging from rock formations, floating above water on jet packs, being human slingshots, riding a snowboard on the salt flats, etc etc damn just damn what a life. lowsten 3 days ago I'd love to do this! dragonz4eva 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) sick song and this is how people live life to the fullest! Stephen192833 3 days ago This has been flagged as spam show SopranoNinja 3 days ago Its funny because im just watching people have a life sugarfreak123 3 days ago this is really cool it looks scary but really fun player476988 3 days ago vote on who's sexiest! over 500 photos! hot females ;) p00ds 3 days ago Which one is the girl that got proposed to? CoreyMallozzi 3 days ago well....i feel like they should get a life cause they dont look like they have one MissMusikLuver 3 days ago @MissMusikLuver hater Juniorall 3 days ago @MissMusikLuver Says the guy wasting his time commenting on youtube videos. NoGripRacingGTR2 3 days ago @MissMusikLuver HOW is THIS not having a life?! THIS is the definition of life. Anything that you enjoy doing is considered life. Ever heard the term "This is life?" People sure as hell don't say it when they comment on YouTube videos. They say it when they finish doing shit like this. tennboy789 2 days ago @MissMusikLuver Are you retarded? No, serious question. I think you need to be tested for very near mental retardation. You claim they don't have a life? No. This video IS life. This is what life should be about. Not drinking or clubbing or prostituting or whatthefuckever you believe is having a life. Most people, after seeing this video, would give their left nut/ovary to spend a day doing what these people are doing. They know how to live. You don't. Mac1634 1 day ago and they get down how ? TMLDNR 3 days ago as the music called ??!!!!!! O: dietc195 3 days ago @dietc195 Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up And Away key015 3 days ago i love this video. out of all the sick videos you make this one is the best :D briancent 3 days ago kony 2012 vvlogg 3 days ago one of those things i would be TERRIFIED to do but soooo glad i did it munchiesmonster 3 days ago @devinsupertramp need to hang out with u !!!!!!! craiseel 3 days ago you are my heroes! kjkijik 3 days ago OMG I WANT TO TRY THIS SO FUCKING MUCH! This is on my bucket list ...can I go with you?:D:D kjkijik 3 days ago polska, jesteście tutaj?! xD areoburnn 3 days ago my life is so boring ..... 23las 3 days ago ME WANT!!! sappytuna 3 days ago its all fun and games until some one hits the side of the rock at 50mph MrSLIMECAT 3 days ago Imagine if the rope was too long... MrDeezil23 3 days ago @MrDeezil23 Ooooooo That Would Epicly Hurt ;(  DarkQuesTHD 3 days ago You know i like this kind of videos, showing people doing what they want. this is Freedom. Actually i like them because of the desire i got inside off my heart, i want to do this crazy stuff too.Unfortunatly i am going to university in Germany. You could not do that stuff here you would get incarcerated. Plus i got no money nor the time i need to work... Someday i will change this Pain to Freedom. Shooti2000x 3 days ago who saw the face at 0:57? :D Voochl 3 days ago Imagine the Trial-And-Error of this... halogodismyname 3 days ago 1:14 I love her! :D JacobSzlek 3 days ago i always wonder how videos like this get thumbs downed... FULLscopeFILMZ 3 days ago @FULLscopeFILMZ That's Kony's army... That can't even get a rope.. 2305674 3 days ago I'm addicted to this video, I respect your work soooo much!! Vibez0r 3 days ago how did it feel swinging so high? ASTR0ID 3 days ago can I buy this rock? michaeltalent96 3 days ago ITs all fun and games till someone loses a limb Dub1Trizz 3 days ago 1:14 i fuking luv this part ^^ DrumNBassDream 3 days ago Comment removed DrumNBassDream 3 days ago This has been flagged as spam show p00ds 3 days ago any possible way they can set this up for future dare devils? tikidung 3 days ago that you guys still not have a job @ youtube O.o zamoraklicht 3 days ago Holyyy shit NvladN99 3 days ago 6 My life sucks PWNED7131 3 days ago For some people life is not just about work, for some life is doing everything you can before you die because life is too short. They've left their mark on this earth. I will remember these people forever because of what they've done, but as for the average joe that sits in an office all day, how will he be remembered? And as for fearing death... why fear death when it is just the start of an awfully big adventure? galaxydarklord102938 3 days ago @galaxydarklord102938 your saying this bullshit as if we all could be doing what these guys do if we wanted. you don't think everyone who has watched this video wishes they could do this shit RATE1928 3 days ago @RATE1928 dude life is what you make it... you ant to do stuff like this? budget ur cash, save up, plan a vacation and do stuff. It's your own fault for not filling your life with fun stuff IIIERILEVIII 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) @RATE1928 I am sorry if your life sucks I did not say everyone can do this I said 'for some'. Calm down. galaxydarklord102938 2 days ago @galaxydarklord102938 I agree with you just about everything. The awfully big adventure .. well, we don`t know that. :) We`re here for a good time not a long time. KarlisKristaps 3 days ago @KarlisKristaps I was actually quoting Peter Pan with the awfully big adventure thing haha. you can hope. galaxydarklord102938 2 days ago FREAKING AWESOME!!Thats how you live a life!You got that right,why would even want a job when u can do something like this!Work sucks,SLAVERY DOWN!! SWING ROPE UP!! I wish i can get my ass there! hdwddm 3 days ago Not judging, just curious : How can you guys afford going all around the world and doing all these crazy things ?! RicOf1213 3 days ago gratz on the praposal HappyShark579 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) this vid was in holland on the news as new world record bud what gonna be the next big stun? skydiving without parachuut bud with plastic bag?? rowanboertien 3 days ago one of the most epic things i have ever seen Magnis48 3 days ago Boys & Girls: I WANT IT !!!!! :)) mastar03 3 days ago I knew this guy with some 1000 vieuws per vid, that was like 5months ago Dave1996XD 3 days ago This is not the biggest... Dan Osman has done a rope jump of over 300m/1000ft so this is not nearly as big as the record... Cool video though Tunturispouli 3 days ago POLSKA RZĄDZI !!! ŁAPKUJCIE POLACY SĄ WSZĘDZIE !!! szymon99331 3 days ago Do you guys even have jobs? MrManthalete 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) 15 @MrManthalete Why would we need a job when we could rope swing all day? ;) devinsupertramp 3 days ago 249 @devinsupertramp trolololol swingbr094 3 days ago @devinsupertramp because you need a job in order to pay for your rope swinging. Srsly, what are your jobs? MrSuperheterosapien 3 days ago @devinsupertramp Song name please! orangeboy97 3 days ago @devinsupertramp If i could I would totally rope swing but sadly I cant... 535badpoo 3 days ago @devinsupertramp awesome guys...this is brilliant MrMattyrude 3 days ago @MrManthalete I think he's a filmmaker bro?  spsj9000 3 days ago @MrManthalete DO I SMELL A HATER dfmclothing 3 days ago @dfmclothing No hate, just kinda really jealous of how awesome their lives are :) MrManthalete 3 days ago @MrManthalete I'm pretty sure Youtube is Devin's job. X3n0nFr33k 3 days ago @MrManthalete they do its called a partnership of awesomeness!!!!!!! CODDDgamer07 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) @MrManthalete Pretty sure they make money off of the almost 9 million views ;) ImDrSchmoll 3 days ago This has been flagged as spam show CloiuFace 3 days ago SNAP! ukainemania1 3 days ago 0:30 I'm in love with this girl. kile433 3 days ago 47 @kile433 Lindsey Stirling  zDerekS 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) Thumps up if you just have to fucking try this :O Joac1193 3 days ago Your lifestyle is AWESOME! x) one thing that has been bothering me is how do you have the money to travel that much? :o please respond :) InLateFlames 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) @InLateFlames and the equipment ... gregorypeg1000 3 days ago Nut jobs TheJayduece 3 days ago @fuckwolfy THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AgopesGrip 3 days ago 1. HOLY EPIC AWESOMENESS...2. HOW THE F*** CAN ANYONE DISLIKE SOMETHING THIS FREAKING AMAZING....AND 3. AND MOST MOST MOOOST IMPORTANTLY..WHERE IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!? CAUSE I WANT IN!!!!! :D PLEASE AND THANK YOU! LOL :P JUST AWESOME!!! AgopesGrip 3 days ago Please show bloopers reel. kfooloo 3 days ago i don't see how you could possibly dislike this video ? Tyler23196 3 days ago @Tyler23196 totally agreed!!!!!! AgopesGrip 3 days ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­aaaaaaaaaaaaaa  morosanu22 3 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) where is this place?  Channebal 4 days ago rad nepurangi 4 days ago what is better than this song? this song and this awesome adult swing :P gamevieuw4all 4 days ago name of the song : Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up and Away (feat. June) :) soringugiu 4 days ago in playlist Favorite videos I wanna do dat!!!! TheEskalato 4 days ago shit white people do turb0puns 4 days ago what is this song called DrewAstlesRealtor 4 days ago corona arch is good stuff still haven't done it yet. I love this video :):):):):) TheVdub86 4 days ago this music is sick... thumbs up for "can't stop won't stop" so they continue to put out dope beats... PEACE! Rathomi36 4 days ago if that rope snapped there fucked lol pacman725 4 days ago 1:17 jump looked like leap of faith from assassins creed series marcoaranas 4 days ago in playlist Favorite videos Comment removed matthockman 4 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) @matthockman dude shut the fuck up we dont need moralfags on youtube. its a video of people having fun doing something fun. if you dont like it go complain to people who actually care. goddamn. its people like you who are the scum of youtube. elixer6x6x6 4 days ago @matthockman It's a huge ass rock. I can see if they were seriously defacing it, but, what damage could a rope possibly do? The rock is serving a wonderful purpose. These people are having the time of their life. I'm sure the rock will be ok lol. itzahazylife 4 days ago @itzahazylife The rope scars into the rock and leaves permanent grooves. It is soft sandstone. This defaces the rock and can harm the rope. Anyway I took my comment off and posted it up somewhere else. People who come to youtube are naive, don't care about the consequences and just want to be entertained. It's a sad truth. Within minutes I'm getting these hate comments like "fuck off you fag don't need moral fucks like you on youtube". I guess not. Pathetic. matthockman 4 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) 2 @matthockman As a climber I whole heartedly agree with you!  I am still pretty irked about the grooves Alex Honnold put into Delicate Arch. Kscout12 4 days ago Comment removed matthockman 4 days ago Don't wanna boast or anything but I was on a swing in the park today. Pretty fucking insane I know.. ausername182 4 days ago 1:18 watch the shadow :O SOTTSgal4834 4 days ago :40 does the man in the wall want to go for a swing too? TommonSensePro 4 days ago this guy's life is freakin' ridiculous. Dexi 4 days ago hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq­qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffff JEWISHPOKEMONMASTER 4 days ago i i heard that this is now illigal JEWISHPOKEMONMASTER 4 days ago 1:05 say hello for me to the aliens, enjoy the trip to the space nintendo3dsfan01 4 days ago where is that arch? David3vanz 4 days ago the only time you can enjoy crapping your pants xD WelshSymbioteSpartan 4 days ago fucking crazy ZequoFTW 4 days ago in playlist Liked videos 15/02/2012 First view from a mobile device 2,603,090, ehmmm... bots? elotionKING 4 days ago Poland x21x36 4 days ago Props to Brock Howell for being the big dic who pioneered this. dasfury1 4 days ago in playlist Favorite videos 1111 persons doesn't have balls or did shit in their pants. XD isaac18490 4 days ago even the rocks like o_o MFMBaSeMaTiKZz 4 days ago 32 Those guys have some big balls. TheDepressedRabbit 4 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) please support port 6667 channel #polska Harriswow 4 days ago chuck norris can do that without a rope ! kwsthsRais 4 days ago 3 take me with you O__O XxSleepingXForestxX 4 days ago 1111 people are scared Mariners2505 4 days ago destroy national symbol disgrace! sjovmaiin 4 days ago  pure amazing fair play !!! !! song name / artist anyone? roryap1991 4 days ago in playlist Favorite videos @roryap1991 Up and away by Can't Stop Won't stop. They got a youtube acc called cswsmusic and their songs are available in itunes goldenchrysanthemum 4 days ago 1:16 i love this girlll))<3<3<3 otiko115 4 days ago 39 @otiko115 what da fuck an girl then a girl without boobs :P rowanboertien 3 days ago @otiko115 She looks like a rich cunt rap loving bitch. I hate girls like that. kentriz182 3 days ago Why so many dislikes? MrAndroooo 4 days ago *snap* DjekStudiosMovies 4 days ago 1110 dislike .. WHY????!!! predox007 4 days ago in playlist Favorite videos @predox007 Good question, i really don't understand too, sometimes it's more "or you like or you don't care" but not Dislike. WEIRD behavior O_o MelleProuprou 4 days ago Now that's fucking insane!! Very fun though! Devilsolution 4 days ago This has got me in the mood to go and jump off "Stonehenge" lukedainty87 4 days ago This is video is constantly shown on the tvs in our library at school... pretty cool video. TheCorruptedDonut 4 days ago I need some friends that will come and jump off big rocks with me! :( Thumbs up if u'll be my Friend!! lukedainty87 4 days ago @lukedainty87 i will! PSNWERT500 4 days ago @PSNWERT500 good lad....  lukedainty87 4 days ago @cribbo188 yeah rocks are sexy too, but I prefer girls ;) :D Vmonusi 4 days ago Anyone think of Happy Wheels with the title? Anyone? roadcrosser 5 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) anyone else think what if he hits a rock? kissmabut1 5 days ago natural theme park :3 coolanmar 5 days ago Just one do they get down safely? O_o thisisorowe 5 days ago sure they're laughing now. just wait till that thin rope snaps. blufilmsesa 5 days ago @blufilmsesa watch the behind the scenes..its 5 or so different ropes knotted and tied think its pretty safe. Lumnoss 5 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) that looks so fun!!!!! chickenbumsandwich 5 days ago i would trade all these people just to bring back Dan Osman dezco14 5 days ago I want to try:) Hannahgabrielle23 5 days ago Wimp brought me here. X1Jebus 5 days ago woah O.o ultimatefrizrcflya 5 days ago im jelous.. lazygoat123 5 days ago 0:22 ummmm.........u dropped something TheGoernerKid 5 days ago @TheGoernerKid U think it's actaully possible to not lose your cap when doing that? AtlantisSettler 5 days ago wooooooooooooo sebariderpro 5 days ago My life sucks, call me for next time! UnfaithfullPriest 5 days ago my life is fucking boring.... ZDTLONGBOARD4LIFE 5 days ago 3 ........LOOKS FUN UrbanLongboarding98 5 days ago THIS is why i want to be american.. MrGeekasaurus 5 days ago can i try :-( newbruins123 5 days ago you guys make my life suck! i KNOW JUST THE THING YOUR MISSING. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wrxFTWdey 5 days ago I want to do this so badly. And who ever disliked this video has no life. 123monkeycheese 5 days ago it pretty bad when you can't even see the 1000 dislikes because of all the likes tundraman217 5 days ago 1105 ppl are too poort to do this. SwaggaTal 5 days ago Are they holding a camera taped to a golf club? garrettnors 5 days ago these guys are living congospork1 5 days ago That is awesome o.o CintaBinta979 5 days ago That looks a lot of fun! I can't believe there is so many dislikes!? mosshaw 5 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) 0.0 who was the first one? utupoe111 5 days ago This has been flagged as spam show FullEffectVisualTv 5 days ago I'd do it KiraRingcat 5 days ago the second jumper sounds like chewbacca :D masterluke1234 5 days ago 55 @masterluke1234 wtf is chewbacca? andr3y127 4 days ago @masterluke1234 HAHA  Beyblader890 4 days ago Who dislikes something awesome MegaMancino 5 days ago iam pretty sure i'd puke myself ciampek 5 days ago Tarzan just jizzed. JFzHD 5 days ago 26 Girl at 0:32 is gorgeous.. also would love to try this! karilynisawhore 5 days ago Почувствуй себя человеком пауком Cthulhu360 5 days ago I wanna try this O: evilcat71 5 days ago Insane! abbsnick 5 days ago did you try the rope swing devin? CODDDgamer07 5 days ago so cool  Chris300001 5 days ago Coolest thing ever<3 naughtyrachh 5 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) fun things with gravity GameplayAB 5 days ago *Thumbs up if you guys wana Do this 2! Go0netzz 5 days ago hey are there any other relation ships in the group? hopeless098 5 days ago Suddenly , the rope cracks. Midoban1Sama 5 days ago What is the name of this song? s2s2 5 days ago the world is beautiful and smart ... and the people? The top of stupidity!! marigroszek 5 days ago @marigroszek you'd better watch the "behind the scenes video" before you post a comment like that :) rybeczqa 5 days ago my friends suck.... BACKERDOZEN 5 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) I honestly esteem this video as disgusting. entenfang 5 days ago His hat falls on the ground! 0:22 sausje999 5 days ago Me and my friends have made a ropeswing around about that size. It got cut down by the fire department though :( KiKiNicole96 5 days ago A real man is someone who can show his emotions... OH FU** OFF !! this is a REAL MAN ^^ OsomaruFireMaker 5 days ago This has been flagged as spam show ENTERRAPTURE20 5 days ago what about Dan Osman rope swings? they were over 1000ft. this cant be the largest. OneHappyBlonde 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :) @OneHappyBlonde True....R.I.P Osman !! CanijAsa 5 days ago (y) nice 8) Ewzku 6 days ago Comment removed anon2478 6 days ago im watching this instead of studying for my chemistry exam tmwr :D EminemSlimMarshall3 6 days ago what camera u used to this video ? AzmeenRocks 6 days ago o_o even the rock is in awe. 0:56 redr0oster21 6 days ago 36 /watch?v=nJI6uV6B6Rg this is the actual largest rope swing djgnz 6 days ago @djgnz or Dan Osman Jump ??? CanijAsa 5 days ago @CanijAsa Yeah Dan Osman did some pretty big jumps, but they aren't really swings, more plummets. i'm not too sure i would want to try that! djgnz 5 days ago how do you stop lol Mrdalmo999 6 days ago Hmmm how many people do you think made the rope too long first? cameronXmeyer 6 days ago bucket list... Dronicusprime 6 days ago in playlist Liked videos (^$_$)> AW yea

Mrflashist 6 days ago

LOL at 0:42 the rock is like "gtf off me"

eatyours0ul 6 days ago

Mna i wish i could have fun like this... Sometimes i think my life really does suck...

1ownjoo2 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

how can you dislike this video?

cloudwharton 6 days ago

Hit the main channel, click "play all", enjoy the ride! My son and I shared a bunch of laughs watching your videos. Fantastic stuff all the way around. Can't wait for the next one.

fatbaldandhappy 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

this video sucked after 2:56

mojoflo2528 6 days ago in playlist Liked videos

Where are the job application forms? cuz bitch sign me the fuck up

GoLongboarding5351 6 days ago

how the fuck do you get down XD

RSGuideHelp101 6 days ago

Looks like fun sooooo going to do one bigger lol jk

Snufagis 6 days ago

Kony2012!!! Making him known= Saving Lives

Like this so everyone can see it

Remember 1 like could mean up to lives saved <3

LegionClanWorldwide 6 days ago 2

A bunk of good looking white people doing something crazy with a good sound track. I'm jealous on so many different levels....

cynic5581 6 days ago

Hihetetlen nagy formák vagytok!!!

retorziojimbo 6 days ago

where do you get these gay ass songs from :x

but the video is awesome

kummgehfut 6 days ago

1:27.. anyone else see the face in the cliff???????

surfsup1552 6 days ago


coolnathan106 6 days ago 54

@coolnathan106 where are you gonna do this? most people don't have a humoungous arch in their back yard.

EpicZeldaChick13 5 days ago

This officially started my Bucket List....enough said...

AKTF4TVfXQ 6 days ago

sick!!!! and whats the song

scoot4lifechannel 6 days ago

so sweeeeeeetttttttt !!!!!!!

daufanwar 6 days ago

haha that was kinda cheesy like at the end when they did the group shot like on the show friends when their all in the fountain, but other than that this is pretty badass!!

eblair1990420 6 days ago

This looks amazing!! Yall should do Rope Swing Excursions!! Id pay to go!

Sticki304 6 days ago

Nice thats looks so scary and so fun

ChamShok 6 days ago

where can we do it ? I hope of all my heart that i'll gonna to do it before i became too old !!

violiloute 6 days ago

Awesome music!!!

Awesome Camera!

thecocabonga 6 days ago

Definitely not the largest. Dan Osman did this one years ago and some that were wayyyy bigger. Pretty sure he still has the record.

maddrgonzo 6 days ago

@maddrgonzo Dan Osman did a free fall with a rope not a swing, more than one year ago, and sadly, was killed.

ourayrog 6 days ago

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FACE90966 6 days ago

If I had balls big enough to do this, I wouldn't be able to walk

AlwaysZesty 6 days ago

keep it up man .......neme of the song plz

OMAR2009909 6 days ago

@OMAR2009909 cant stop wont stop feat june

cheesebrain9 6 days ago

did anybody else notice his hat fall of

tristentucker321 6 days ago

I wanna be like you when I grow up :)

AliyaImanTWxx 6 days ago

Damnn!!! that looks like fun!!

1989norah 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

I AM IN!!!!! Where do I sign up?

I forgot when your an adult, THE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND :)

skb0rzn 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

Reminds me a lot of those rides at amusement parks that you pay like 50 dollars to do, just bigger better and cheaper!

arobm93 6 days ago

U r fucking awesome!!! U rock guys!!!!

UlisesVHT 6 days ago

0:43 There is a face in the cliff! :)

DaChrisl 6 days ago

Fuckin hipsters!

karapljastina 6 days ago

@Hobbes8289 next time before you get up and start making accusations, do your research so you don't look like a fool. It's Corona Arch in Moab, Utah. Popular tourist attraction and site to rappel off of which has been used to rappel and climb for years. Located on BLM ground, completely open to the public, and miles from the nearest Indian reservation.

someothercollegeguy 6 days ago

nhìn dã man quá!

chairman252000 6 days ago


bluerose071 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)


Lacasaenlaluna 6 days ago

1101 people are to scared to watch! :D

bluenerdnikki 6 days ago in playlist Favorite videos 5

Comment removed

bluenerdnikki 6 days ago in playlist Favorite videos

That is window rock arizona, that is so illeagal and disrespectful towards the native american legend that they originated from that "portal" as they call it.

Hobbes8289 6 days ago

@Hobbes8289 so what? Thats not disrespectful to anyone, THAT my friend, is COOL!!!

TkeyZ2012 6 days ago

Man o a climber,and all ican say is Hoorah and big ups to guys

Gazzakb250 6 days ago

And not a single fuck was given that day...

ANSANDAND 1 week ago

that's sick dude :) ..

ZiQRaP 1 week ago

You've gotta be a special type of crazy to do this lol

mylairhasnoip 1 week ago

I wouldn't do this.

I came into this world because of broken rubber.

I'm not leaving it for the same reason.

TheClutch46Band 1 week ago 138

@TheClutch46Band - that's no rubber at all.

klausinthesun 6 days ago

@TheClutch46Band That is the best comment on Youtube I have ever seen!

jgaedtke311 6 days ago

@TheClutch46Band Nice work.

robertwilliambrownuk 6 days ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

@TheClutch46Band "rope" being the key word here

BlTCHEZAlNTSHlT 6 days ago

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MightyLemur 6 days ago

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MightyLemur 6 days ago

@TheClutch46Band holy shit! i would definitely try that out seriously! it must be awesome! must be a hell of a kick

Thenub12 6 days ago

@TheClutch46Band What rubber? There's no rubber on the swing. And your joke was horrible.

liamliam123456 6 days ago

@TheClutch46Band how did u come into tha world from rubber?

ariesroxs1 6 days ago in playlist H

@TheClutch46Band ahahahhahahaa

Woodark77 6 days ago

Isn't this how Dan Osman killed himself?

whatsiteverwas 1 week ago

This looks AWESOME!!!

profiter30 1 week ago

KONY 2012

ysgiwtcaya124 1 week ago 2

1099 people's ropes snapped mid-air.

Altairsstairs 1 week ago


22soccerforlife 1 week ago

Dude freaking awesome. I am soo going to try that next time I hike there.

22soccerforlife 1 week ago

I'm going to do that

ScimoneSays 1 week ago

i wish i could live like this

SPLmadman 1 week ago


Made me feel dizzy just watching O.O

ZoroPK 1 week ago

Simple..... THIS IS EPIC

Alphawake824 1 week ago

where did u get this stuff and where r u filming this cuz i need to take my girl scout troop with me to do this

rockwins1313 1 week ago

KONY 2012

christian76962 1 week ago

Devinsupertramp=epic videos the the 2nd power

BlueDragonsGaming 1 week ago

so... where do I sign the waiver? lol

chinesecheeunit 1 week ago

Can I be hooked to two ropes please :^)

destro513 1 week ago

dude who cares if you hit a rock wall i would be having so much fun i wouldnt care mr safety first plus this is a freakin awesome video!

SamQWSnowmass 1 week ago

It's not that fun when someone gets a spin and hits a rock wall at that speed

pspdsRobin2 1 week ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

fucking yes

davidshurrmusic 1 week ago

1,099 people don't have huge arc to make a rope swing out of :)

illskillful 1 week ago

1098 peoples dont have swing....

Thiag0AW 1 week ago 17

Comment removed

Thiag0AW 1 week ago

That was in Red Dead Redemption, whatttt!

DaveKraft400 1 week ago

OMG! So sick.

ChevyTBlover 1 week ago in playlist Uploaded videos

you mean the rock at 0:39 that totally looks like a cat face

jimmydandyable 1 week ago

FUKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­

MrPuredope 1 week ago

FUKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrPuredope 1 week ago

i plan on doing this on my annual trip to moab this summer, thanks for the idea!!

insaneboarder911 1 week ago

That rock has the same facial expression as me :0

AlbinoGunner 1 week ago

1100 people jumped against the wall

MrBenQ123 1 week ago in playlist Favorite videos

that would be soo much fun

ewwapoo223 1 week ago

Hey guys i am a joung composer from germany

if you have a couple of minutes click through my videos




100rajam 1 week ago

The rock 0:43 is like :O WTF!

sanbucho 1 week ago

does anyone know where to find the hat at 2:10 minutes?

eizobrot 1 week ago

I like dat face in the rock :D

Cr1tUdOwN 1 week ago

lol russians fly from buildings thats more scary

naveslaikss 1 week ago

1:15 kid looks like a bobble head haha

mazdaspeedemon3 1 week ago

omg this looks fucking awesome

maddyprichard 1 week ago

Try before you die!

sausje999 1 week ago

Looks fun... Tho my fear of heights...

DemonHell911 1 week ago

Wanna do this so hard

Cromekh 1 week ago

i view this video for 1:14

datphatmat1234 1 week ago

1,096 people are terrified to step outside.

xLIVEYOURWAYx 1 week ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

White people dancing...priceless

iwasjuandering 1 week ago

Now that's living!!!

MrLancer84 1 week ago

Thumbs up if u want to see more of the NERDY dance at 1:13 :D

chupan 1 week ago

@chupan YES! haha

TheChipmunkzMusic 1 week ago in playlist Favorite videos

kony 2012

ewilliams5595 1 week ago

Anybody else think the rock wall behind them (right side of bridge/rock thing) looks like a face?

o_o O

HardstyIeX 1 week ago 57

@HardstyIeX Its called an arch

mistiedawn13 1 week ago

@HardstyIeX SOOO TRUEEEE!!!!

sexxyWollmanM 1 week ago

@HardstyIeX Yeah the rock wall is all WTF is wrong with you people?!?!?! LOL great vid that looks mad fun.

jdrpepper79 1 week ago

muito massa

33vmg 1 week ago

that is the coolest thing that i have ever seen

Britancoxrox 1 week ago

@duckwithnukes Obviously, since you're already a lifeless Apple troll and sheep. Get a life, moron.

BattlePikeQueerLucy 1 week ago

If I threw my panties against the wall they would freaking stick!

Mariotta87 1 week ago

thumbs up for that mountain being shocked of these people at 0:42

cristianj577 1 week ago in playlist MY VIRAL VIDEOS :)

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Lolface249 1 week ago

kony 2012

person107 1 week ago

STOP KONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zowgoe 1 week ago

I can make my dick look big if I zoom in too!

freecandy7 1 week ago

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optimalooo 1 week ago

@2:03 was that niga higa?

chizzer19 1 week ago

@chizzer19 looks nothing like him

bootswiththefurflo 1 week ago

This guys keep showing me how fucking boring my life is.

mechamorafa 1 week ago

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BrandunksOnYou 1 week ago

sensação de liberdade, adoreiii :D

jessicapivetta 1 week ago

2:10 misattribution of arousal

dancingdudesean 1 week ago

KONY 2012

ReMaKeKiLLz2 1 week ago

That is why god made massive arches....

jackjohnsonluver22 1 week ago

@jorgecasta ugliest comment ever

ucvgabe8467 1 week ago

funny if the rope snapped then the video would be called worlds largest slingshot

epsonc40ux 1 week ago



superawesomefilm 1 week ago

this video makes my life look like poop

FBruinedmylife 1 week ago

This is amazing, I wish I could be able to go out here with these people and do something as life changing as this. #makeithappen

Stevethepeeve11 1 week ago

This doesent seem as scary as everyone is saying.

Ceadeus96 1 week ago

Monday, July 30, 2012

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wowp1578o 18 hours ago

I dont know why i keep watching this video cause is very addictive

johnkor 4 days ago



baoliaoGP 4 days ago

1:36 SOD................? 我興奮了

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yiptinchi 6 days ago


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exmark3x 1 week ago

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vitotaml 6 days ago

那塊雞排好享受 我想當那塊雞排!!~^^

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conten2008 1 week ago 2

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youpo1980 1 week ago 2

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0pencilboy0 1 week ago

this was on Taiwan tv news today. WHY? who is she/ cup it said, 19 years old, making friend chicken, is she Taiwanese or Japansee?

MrDanbloom 1 week ago



baoliaoGP 1 week ago

@MrDanbloom OMG! She making friend chicken? Being her friend is not a good thing..

Alvinwong028 6 days ago

this was on Taiwan tv news today. WHY? who is she/ d cup it said, 19 years old, making friend chicken, is she Taiwanese or Japansee?

MrDanbloom 1 week ago


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AAAH5 2 weeks ago 0:43 驚見馬里亞納海溝!! a86225 2 weeks ago 直到1:10我才看到雞排 harrywonghk 2 weeks ago 買雞排有送奶茶嗎? d19901023 2 weeks ago 好大 paultseng9 2 weeks ago 我只看到胸部 krkicbb 2 weeks ago 看完之後完全不會炸雞排QQ Ptt2012 2 weeks ago 太油膩了 johnfhm 2 weeks ago 幾時教炸雞胸 8fv3 2 weeks ago 我跟著做,但好像有什麼比迫出來的,不是油 ho990038 2 weeks ago 26 好正ㄛ! a8899aaa 2 weeks ago 睇到我差D流鼻血...  jken1207 2 weeks ago 我是進來給你一個LIKE的~~~~~~ 你很美啊~~~~ Noodle1002 2 weeks ago 炸奶吧 alanjericho 2 weeks ago 奶比雞排大  yuyu0748 2 weeks ago 2 美味可口的爆乳就完成了  超大個的@@ gn01953588 2 weeks ago 香港人只可以玩"I PAD" cheungwai318 2 weeks ago @cheungwai318 你這條骨笑死我!但其實我是十分心酸T^T bubblechiu123 2 weeks ago 這些機會是屬於台灣人的:-( Jacken666 2 weeks ago 雞都吃生長素養大 妳是不是雞排吃太多 所以胸部....? buygamepoint 2 weeks ago 41 Comment removed manhotong 2 weeks ago 台灣妹是不是大多數都靠賣肉維生? 180cming 2 weeks ago 我看不到雞排 mindoflove 2 weeks ago in playlist Liked videos 女人常說男人物化女性 但是有些女性就是愛物化自己 一個願打一個願挨 哈哈ㄏ qdcou1234 2 weeks ago 7 蠻好奇攝影師為什麼只拍人不拍雞牌  FHsalon9887 2 weeks ago 3 1:36她是不是講了SOD? zxc8903756 2 weeks ago @zxc8903756 sop才對  影片不要看太多 ssyeadzt 2 weeks ago 好野~ 大波好野 forevercyrus 2 weeks ago 銷魂 colinbear14 2 weeks ago 只有我很認真看怎麼做耶.......... 安安小姐住哪? snyku085217 2 weeks ago 物化自己 失敗 leilei7788 2 weeks ago Comment removed lukeplayball 2 weeks ago 小美女~好正 yin0907a 2 weeks ago 我比較喜歡吃你身上的G8啦 a9510910 2 weeks ago 0.28開始斗 我就開始硬了 gjo3i6286h 2 weeks ago 都不會抖 應該不好吃 designerk9 2 weeks ago 你們很過分欸!! 人家這麼辛苦拍影片上傳教學你們卻這樣!! 小姐幾歲住哪給虧嗎 ? qpunkp 2 weeks ago 30 這是假的嗎?連抖一下都沒有?! 有沒有搞錯= =a..... skyairqq 2 weeks ago 純雞胸製的雞扒 不得了 囧 fei23k 2 weeks ago 這真的是太讚了,不知道有沒有機會認識她 allenchen8966 2 weeks ago 雞排一百有送兩...嗎? 0428dow 2 weeks ago 0:52 按摩 打一下-///- thumbd78492 2 weeks ago 大78!!  otaku0826 2 weeks ago 小姐把妳的胸器藏好阿 XDGC1 2 weeks ago 應該叫做爆乳雞排吧 ggsoplay52 2 weeks ago 有人這樣賣雞排的嗎?? ggsoplay52 2 weeks ago 兩顆最大粒的,才真的快要抖出來了ˊˋ aszxc30743 2 weeks ago 超大的 = = oway151 2 weeks ago 男人的最愛 真奶 跟G-BYE kane72107210 2 weeks ago Comment removed shinhwa12334 2 weeks ago 她有固定駐點嗎???怎麼每次到不同店 這樣要怎麼堵她 TVshowtw 2 weeks ago 有妳做的炸雞排 一定很多人買 ak74m4uzi 2 weeks ago 1:35 SOD?SOP? jaxon0523 2 weeks ago Comment removed jaxon0523 2 weeks ago 我只用一隻手在打這行字 raylien01 2 weeks ago 55 第一個步驟晃的我頭好暈 hr906309 2 weeks ago 超大塊的,讓你猜是什麼?  shine9001 2 weeks ago 過篩這樣快這樣熟練~想必...也順便幫我過過篩吧... artmoment19 2 weeks ago 這才是真正的豪 大大大大大大 雞排.... wwe2645 2 weeks ago 原來還要過濾過大的炸粉@@...... 炸東西新手受教了XD~謝謝XD~怪不得~~ gn00142373 2 weeks ago 原來還要過濾過大的炸粉@@...... 炸東西新手受教了XD~謝謝XD~怪不得~~ gn00142373 2 weeks ago 原來還要過濾過大的炸粉@@...... 炸東西新手受教了XD~謝謝XD~怪不得~~ gn00142373 2 weeks ago 可惡 想揉 xeriof135779 2 weeks ago 根本沒人注意你的雞排 .......................好不好吃也不是­重點了 pp668899 2 weeks ago SOD流程 >///<

zxcasd641 2 weeks ago 7


uyfguyfge 2 weeks ago


anchen4208 2 weeks ago

不是很清楚~可以親自教授嗎? ^^

kochaug 2 weeks ago


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MusicMy520 2 weeks ago 113

我也要 ! 快爆漿了 ....

lex300s 2 weeks ago


kirayamato0729 3 weeks ago 121

來來~ 大家起來學 怎麼製作 超營養大雞排~

a00628long 3 weeks ago

Friday, July 27, 2012

Chinese Woman and Elderly lady quarrel

Chinese Woman and Elderly lady quarrel over priority seat on SBS transit bus.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The dog jumps like no jump LOL!

Comments: Superdog ! nonameclass 2 days ago emergency brek 0:04~0:06 lol TheToshiro96 2 days ago press 6 for cute epic jump.... =D jezz31 3 days ago Comment removed jezz31 3 days ago hehe his little legs are to short xD launch up in the air weeeee belly flop ouch! stockpiled7 3 days ago wat type of dog is it ? andreathean1997 4 days ago @andreathean1997 Welsh Corgi  MrKenajn 2 days ago LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Jumped like no jumped !!! rabbitboyist 5 days ago uploaded on 2010 and its getting lots of views in 2012. wat? Zeemas 5 days ago LOL this is freakin cute xDDD thenameisyam 5 days ago OMG !! Cutest Dog Eva!! <3 KeionButa 5 days ago Thanks for the slow mo, that was adorable. anthropic1 5 days ago damn it! i was expecting a shark to leap out of the water to eat the dog. bummer nkrulez 5 days ago ahahhah im dying this is so cute hahahahahhahahaha fjennifer 5 days ago sooo cute... coz it's legs are short it can't go far! Diona87 5 days ago This is a corgi, not a sausage dog! And there is an original video, support it! needcotine 6 days ago 12 01:19 to 01:29 sooo cuteee ↖(^ω^)↗ JunXi123 6 days ago @slackomaniac like^~^ AceIceW 6 days ago The dog tried so hard to jump, but it only jumped for a short distance. Anyway, it's still cute....haha winsenken 6 days ago Comment removed winsenken 6 days ago so cute. tikituka 6 days ago because the floor is wet MrPhysco9 6 days ago LOL super cute :E Domenique0212 6 days ago the doggie used BODY SLAM on the water... LOL XionRichman 6 days ago The english level sounds so Singaporean... ArcliteTANK 6 days ago @ArcliteTANK LoL in what way o.o saveltoros 6 days ago lol lifted up and he paddles like its battery operated Reason4Termination 6 days ago 2 HAUAUEHUAEHAUEHAUEHUAE Niiice :P rudriguinhu 6 days ago Super cute corgi!! <3 nickely 6 days ago We humans know the float is helping us, but do dogs knows? Should you train a potentially swimmable dog first or just give it a float and make it think that you don't sink in water naturally? SniperRuleZ 6 days ago @SniperRuleZ >:) Try telling the dog. TANSKBD 6 days ago another superman wannabe, sheesh. xmegatailx 6 days ago cute~! Serenegalgal 6 days ago its corgi flop... come on. eeeace 6 days ago A+ for effort~ expery 6 days ago 4 omg soooooo cuteeeeee shurinhaha 6 days ago i just wasted 50 seconds of my life. turned it off before knowing it jensennbj 6 days ago This is crude but hilarious at the same time. :) silferdsky 6 days ago Omg the way he straightens his limbs after he jumps is so cute! lilyanneth 6 days ago poor doggy waiLim 6 days ago Hilarious! :D TheOnewlover 6 days ago AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA KelvinYapXII 1 week ago doggy slide at 0:04 MrLalalalaElmo 1 week ago THIS IS HILARIOUS! :) Its so adorable :) sk8er9al 1 week ago Corgis, not sausage dog.. MrEntaubah 1 week ago soooo cuteeee! rikeshkb 1 week ago I believe I can fl- oh shi- aventurinne 1 week ago 2 Corgis are just the cutest dogs ever! Faaaithe 1 week ago funny a pfd on a dog RustyBridge 1 week ago I died at that slowed down laugh at 00:35! No wonder it was muted after that. :P gva 1 week ago omg i love this dog mabelwongus82 1 week ago Hhahahahah lilililililililiilii 1 week ago it's called corgi plop mudderfek. QSirRagealotQ 1 week ago Rofl, so cute! ko0ldudeZz 1 week ago Greatest jump of the year. Amuroboy 1 week ago if its a male dog, i pity its balls. imagine having your balls smack onto water. slackomaniac 1 week ago 38 @slackomaniac hopefully he doesn't have balls. racheldee24 3 days ago @slackomaniac lol he's like "I don't want to jump it breaks my fucking balls every time". xokksDOTcom 2 days ago fucking cute :D Avengerkillforall 1 week ago For corgi , this is very far for him!! MadridCity1989 1 week ago Y U NO JUMP HUH? injune5 1 week ago 1:20 LMAO! 2NE1BJacks 1 week ago freaking LOVE corgis.... they look like bolsters with feet XD dharshcr 1 week ago FOR AL QUEDA!!!!!!!!! seyan1991 1 week ago Too cute la!!! I LAUGH BADLY AT ITS FIRST JUMP :D hunnyo7 1 week ago the dog: "WHY THE F*** DO THEY KEEP THROWING THE BALL IN THE WATER?" markiasu 1 week ago 6 Keep pressing 6. reivazkewk 1 week ago frog splash rapunzelfury 1 week ago press 4 simple sustantivo1espritu 1 week ago Kawaii! ShineHyeify 1 week ago this made my day! haha!! guitaristhebaka 1 week ago 0:39 good bye earthlings. My people need me ProjectFile 1 week ago TOO FAT LUH! :B isaacwillwin 1 week ago Awwww.... iamAmraAmni 1 week ago He was scared! :3 LolliJOY10 1 week ago The dog was cute!!! Jolinpek 1 week ago it looks like the dog is gonna so really far, but he just flops down!!! loll! PKnonstop 2 weeks ago 31 verticle LEAP! kcbuscher 4 weeks ago i love it CLAMTACO916 1 month ago this is a reupload of a video called the corgi flop LightningFan88 1 month ago ahahahahahahahah goodmorningchap 1 month ago Can not stop laughing... lol =))))))) TheVincentism 1 month ago Look at 0:11 lol Small Jump PLaTinumDogz 2 months ago i literally just couldnt stop laughing HENNARG 2 months ago @0:36 so creepy ahahaha Livolenik 2 months ago This is a corgi. I have a doxie and I know the difference. :-) sumame47 2 months ago thats sooooooooo cute!!11 :))) fatpigman100 3 months ago like a stone... lol SerSyn 3 months ago best bellyflop EVER! Awesome video guys! AmyWhipkey 3 months ago the woman used her jedi powers juki0h 3 months ago SOOOOOO CUTE!!! MsWinkydoo 4 months ago omg That was so cute!!! Bellyflop! vashaczar 4 months ago jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja­jajaj  javiportes 5 months ago i laughed every single time. looool. :P heyitskailtin 5 months ago 1:13 BELLy FLOP alexisheartsmyhair 6 months ago I like the first time the corgi stopped at the edge LMAO alexisheartsmyhair 6 months ago 59 Its not a sausage dog. Its a corgi. chanctonbury63 7 months ago 148 @chanctonbury63 that is a sausage dog you doosh ianeconde 3 months ago @ianeconde Its a corgi, mindfuck. chanctonbury63 3 months ago @ianeconde DOUCHE! gonna talk shit.... talk the right shit. Misspelling is not cute. It makes you look like a douche. Cattniip9 2 months ago 2 @chanctonbury63 in chinese we called Dachshunds "sausage dogs" but yea this one's definitely not a sausage dog. DancEL678 1 week ago

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The S Factor

A tribute to some of the brightest and most original girls ever known to the sunny island of Singapore.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Singapore PAP MP Seng Han Thong set on fire

Comments: Why should he categorised malay or indian???he should said generally smrt staff!!! If like this let the racist other then malay n indian become the smrt staff since they have a good english!!!! N do they accept less salary which malay n indian can take it??? mizizizou 6 days ago this MP sucks why are pple that cant even speak englsih becoming leaders of our country? shalynnnn 1 week ago Comment removed TheTrollertrolling 1 week ago This MP is a horrible racist. :/ Recently he commented that "SMRT’s unpreparedness also due to Malay and Indian staffs English language inefficiency." Fucking racist. Horrible guy. :( sweetsubway 1 week ago All this MP should JIAK TUR SAI!!! karmlan123 1 month ago NO BIG DEAL...YAWN.ZZZZ. IN OTHER COUNTRIES, THESE ROGUE CLOWNS IN PARLIAMENT ARE BEATEN THE SHIT UP AND EVEN EXTINGUISHED BY THEIR COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN WHO FIND THEM DISGUSTINGLY POWER CRAZED LYING HOPELESS AND HELPLESS BULLSHITTING RETARDS... ZZZ....DID THIS UGLY SHIT HEAD DIED? IF SO, STILL NO BIG DEAL. JUST ONE UGLY DEAD SHITHEAD RETARD OF PAP. YAWN....ZZZZ.... makpuki99 7 months ago 2011 let it repeat! blackmondae 8 months ago Comment removed yongngeetay123 8 months ago 2 What Singapore needs is an Ombudsman (Whistle Blower). An independent elected body of judges, by the people, within the people, to form commissions to investigate and to expose any sort of corruption that is on going within Singapore. In politics, there is no incorrupt government. If a govt tells you that they are not corrupt, they are lying. All governments are corrupt (different magnitudes). Instead of burning MPs, we should have a democratic process of investigation, not physical threat dishwasherman83 9 months ago This has been flagged as spam show nashstruck 1 year ago retribution...!! this his karma and soon it will happen 2 all his member...!! sonnylow86 1 year ago A man burning PAP = old guy's mental problems Flooded areas = weather fault Ma selamat escape = no ones fault, act of god We elect officials to be ACCOUNTABLE to the people. Not to give constant excuses. If this is a government which cannot take care of the people who vote it in, nor explain to the people why it makes certain mistakes and not take any action against those responsible, then why the hell are they still there TaintedFaith88 1 year ago 5 devildelight00 - your name really suits you as a devil , you will be burn in HELL , not here , dont dirty here. I will salute the hell people who burn your asshole slowly slowly till it rot - HE HE HE - YOU ARE SICK MAN! golden575757 1 year ago Really sad, He a really good guy but he is unlucky he can't help the wrong person. EG one Taxi driver asked for help which HE CAN't GIVE!. fluxmaden 1 year ago surely there must be a reason for burning "MP Seng Han Thong". would an honorable, and just person be burnt for no reason? this is evidently a symptom of a much larger/macro issue at hand. cinemascene 1 year ago devildelight00 - I think we need to urgently get two bamboo stick to stuff it up your asshole and i would offer the guy who did that a free ticket to disneyland or genting resort. if you think its too painful, another alternative is to get someone to contribute some lubricant to minimize the pain. rambo12352 1 year ago If PAP can't not stop brining in more people to steal our jobs, then at least show that they CARE? I never see our ministers walking around to engage citizens or asking about their concerns. They only do that near election season, or when they organise a forum - how come I need to goto an exclusive forum to speak to my minister whom I have voted in? He's not a god. He should be coming to me instead if he wishes to hear what I feel. TaintedFaith88 1 year ago They should burn the LoserKingYears instead. Goddammit, he really really sucks ass in politics. PettyArsonistsParty should really combust and go to hell man. cheedar 2 years ago latest news 13/3/09 the government is waiting for MP to decide whether to send the attacker to IMH or prison... LOL the MP are the judge , jury and excecutioner??? jkoh2007 2 years ago view my profile for Singapore UFO caught in videocam SingaporeLatestNews 2 years ago I dont think the uncle or anyone will burn the MP without any reasons ..... so why dont the news mention about it ,why so much sympathy for the burn victim... richardhitman1 2 years ago actually if the guy was not unbalanced he wouldnt have burnt mr seng, i do sympathise with his condition when i saw how badly he was attacked on the newspaper. Poor guy, he was only duing his job. Dont think he deserve being burnt whatever differences people have with him. oh dear, he could have been burnt dead, thank God he pulled thru. May God bless him. cremate89 2 years ago F*ck you buddy! Pap smear scums deserve to die. cheedar 2 years ago This has been flagged as spam show bananaday 2 years ago Enjoy our great nation while it LASTS, bananaday! All the best! ZHLu 2 years ago Instead of criticizing this government, why not voice your comments through constructive avenues eg Meet-the-People sessions? Just defaming them wont do you any good. In your interest I pray the ISD would not chance upon this page bananaday 2 years ago Hey bananaday, This is NOT my problem. Yours maybe, but not MINE. ZHLu 2 years ago I'm a student and I'm absolutely appalled at the quality (or lack thereof) of the comments posted by my fellow Singaporeans :( The horrible English aside, no government is perfect and PAP ought to deserve some recognition for bringing our country from a sleepy rural village, to the economically advanced city on the global front. bananaday 2 years ago boo slushypuppies 2 years ago Hi Lvspore, u sae "Look outside Sg and we shld be glad dat we r here." yesh when i look outside sg dere's mani other country dat r gifing privileges n helping hands to their own citizen. wat did our government do? yesh he help alot. help to add burden to our poor fellow sgporeans. noeing economy is bad u increase everyting. we sgporeans been veri timid n obedient. u increase tis n dat pple haf to find 2 or 3 jobs to cover the bills, late payment fine again. whu dare to protest ? None. yukiepltan 2 years ago Some grass root leaders are arogant and big headed why cant they put some money in a ang pow and give to the poor uncle they knew he is poor and jobless they should have use their initiative. AnfieldKop77 2 years ago This comment has received too many negative votes show Lvspore 2 years ago Hello Lvspore, on behalf of fellow Singaporean user/jemdude22, thank you very much for reminding us. ZHLu 2 years ago wow, from the way you talk i dont think you ever live outside singapore... foecunditatis 2 years ago punch and burn what else ?? one must ask what wrong with PAP MP ... he deserve it?? jkoh2007 3 years ago This mp super "sway" sia last time kena punch this time kena burn. marknable 3 years ago A Salute for our hero uncle. Should have also let old lee and his son taste the same medicine. I will convey my greatest appreciation to the person who dare to burn this two bastards. The person who has mental breakdown is the PAP minister not our uncle hero devildelight00 3 years ago 17 I agree. Well said. Lots of us are really boiling and jobless now. Yet, they are bring in immigrants like nobody businesses. Worst, the budget spent only benefited the immigrants. More deserve 2b burnt. MeShoppingJoker 2 years ago Mas selamat 还没抓到? myiphoneapp 3 years ago scary nickdisney3233 3 years ago I am schooless now,mom seeked help from MPs but they help nothing. met MPs he didn't attend the meet people seesion. Voluteener wrote behalf MPS. I should study Secondary school. but I can't. MOm and I keep on moving house, no stable home. HDB asked mom and me wait about 2 yr then can have a HDB rental room, so I can't settle which school I should study, MPS the voulteener said he would help, He helps but not MPS help, so he can't help as he is a small fry. Tanyoushang 3 years ago 3 Hello Tanyoushang, I am sorry to hear about your predicament. I myself had to go overseas to do my tertiary education. I am now an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) and my NS Reservist unit can cope with one less Specialist. Perhaps our fellow Singaporean user/jemdude22 will VOLUNTEER to fill the void. ZHLu 3 years ago Thank you ZHLu. I am OK, Mom said Spore education also no good. Never teach those high educated people like our MPS have kind heart. They never really think of the poor and needed. So mom said as long as we are still alive. Tanyoushang 3 years ago 11 I wish more and more this hero uncle come out to aler government, seeking help from MP but only wait and wait and wait and appeal letter wrote again and again but help nothing for the needed. Horrible what is MP stand for? deserve!!!! PAP pls wake up!! Tanyoushang 3 years ago wow! very rare this type of incident! is there any 4D nos to buy? what date and time did it happened? someone pls reply me! fuckyour69sister 3 years ago 活该。因该也烧烧老李。都那么老了,还在赚人民的钱。 myiphoneapp 3 years ago myiphoneapp, 看来我们是 great minds think alike! lol! youtube com/watch?v=HY7WDYZfEd0&fmt=18 wendyneo 3 years ago This serve as a wake up call for the ministers & reflect on what they have done! keroro38 3 years ago there must be a reason why people hate him so much right? d42000 3 years ago