Monday, November 5, 2012

Girlfriend Situps - A fun and sexy way to get six pack abs

A fun and sexy way to get six pack abs


I bet if the camera's not zooming, he will stick his penis in her ass.

multipleuse 9 hours ago

Engage THem!

almostsk8er12345 10 hours ago

Stuff that, if she was sitting on me like that I wouldn't' be worried about sit-ups......

HSDDTS 11 hours ago

"If your girlfriend wont sit on you to do situps, GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND" I love this part.

Hiddenlce 17 hours ago

It's so nice of you to let her out of the kitchen once in a while

AzuanOfficial 1 day ago

Show us what happened after the recording stopped :D

asdasad 1 day ago

Kissing her boobs is much more effective!

a146HEX 1 day ago 2

Ive tried doing it with my girl friend while we were both naked........

hasyimoto 1 day ago

She sits directly above your dick, if you got a boner than it would be like poking at her

hasyimoto 1 day ago 2

Just checked the Kama Sutra and I found this position in there, but it's not called "Girlfriend Situp"

brunoccs 1 day ago

Yeaaah sit up.. suuuurreeee.

Max2020 1 day ago

does'nt it get hard halfway thru?

shinegrey253 1 day ago

@shinegrey253 icwatudidthere

MrWhoby 1 day ago

Why do i watch this and get boner ??? :L

MBennial14 1 day ago

i can sit on your girlfriend if you want me to.. lol..

enzemdragon 1 day ago

Well played sir.

Dyfrix 1 day ago

Can I be your girlfriend too?

SuperTunaSandwich 1 day ago

Hmm... I wonder where I can buy that workout equipment....  @_@

LoneWolf69sg 1 day ago

i did this and i got a boner

t3nd10usx 1 day ago 6

1:09 Pure wisdom.

acelsg 1 day ago

Step 1 is hard man...

Wakka02 2 days ago 4

Oh i'll ride him Bare Back  :P

jayboytoy007 2 days ago

still at step 1 man...

theunknownevil 2 days ago

Is this possible if I am friendzoned?

perwiratempur 2 days ago 6

im having a boner fight now.. if she is in that position.. i do the leg curl up..

ichigok42 2 days ago 2

HARD MODE: She sits on your face while you do situps.

rockjianrock 2 days ago 59

@rockjianrock why am I still laughing at your comments after 5 minutes!

redroseandlips 1 day ago

@rockjianrock hahahaha thats hilarious lol

bradscottfitness 1 day ago 5

@bradscottfitness now do girlfriend dragon flags and girlfriend glute ham raises

rockjianrock 1 day ago

@rockjianrock Almost shat a brick when I read that. Nice one!!!! High Five!!!!!! LOL

davidlamberti 1 day ago

bet they had sex after that

FuriousGrey 2 days ago 4

Soon you'll get tired of kissing your girlfriend, if you know what i mean.

1Deborah8 2 days ago

Is it just me or does the girl leans forward more as time passes?

Prominence580 2 days ago

I dunno about others, but it seems kinda boring to me... i'd go for long, wet, tongue-tying kisses than repeated pecks on the lips any day...

perverted77 2 days ago

I already failed in step one

kevindgreat3315 2 days ago

I scare that I will scare of kissing next time

iPohHoFeN 2 days ago

Psshhh I've done the boyfriend sit ups :P

pinkapplejl 2 days ago

So I am girl and I should do boyfriend standups?

Visaliny 2 days ago

@Visaliny yeah you should.. and do it repeatedly..

ichigok42 2 days ago

Kissing all the time will get boring after awhile eh?

Need to mix it up a little.

Sometimes a kiss, sometimes a sniff

Sometimes a nudge, sometimes a bust.


a9fc 2 days ago 4

good way to workout,boasting your testosterone while working out hahah

Thevide0123 2 days ago

No douche-bag..There is a better way to do push-ups also..if you know what i mean..

VPShanzo 2 days ago

he got boner all the way..

gan2ws 2 days ago

This would only work on an already buff man.

SebastienCade 2 days ago

the message at the end is a win.

iloveursis 2 days ago 4

i would situp for the boobs

projexstudio 2 days ago

This method won't work for me,because i'll only be doing a situp every 20 minutes hahahah

HIM666dark6light 2 days ago

nice boobs

Djasonpng 2 days ago

....and then they fucked. =P

FenderAddict93 2 days ago

I'd rather work on my finger muscles if ya know what i mean. Bdmm tss !

MrButterneo 2 days ago

western people kiss a lot. can they still feel the lust?

PHY104 2 days ago

i'm so trying this, but with my pants off and my d*ck inside her, it'll be even more sexy that way :)

zeract 2 days ago

Gonna try this!

menamesfiz 2 days ago

for guys who are starting out to do sit ups, i think after 10 kisses they would carry the girl to bed and do other 'types' of exercise

AmirIZ1 2 days ago 5

Porn =1:19 to 7:29 only Chuck Norris can see,

ASTiGBA 2 days ago

Bet that's not the only thing that is "UP"

xshawnlolx 2 days ago 4

This could have been better if she was stroking his "ego".

nedatronics 2 days ago

= =...

sandralim27 2 days ago

step one is the hardest

MrWongkoksum 2 days ago 15

lol, i thought u were gonna rub ur face in her boobs there for a sec...

kiss9hug 2 days ago 12

see whos' getting laid tonight :-)

25536lennix 2 days ago

I'd rather to work my chest out by pushup, asking my gf to lie under me.

omidptok 2 days ago 8

If its your gf..u wont work that hard to get kisses from her already...can just get it anytime..u'll only work ur ass off to get kisses like that when tht girl on top of NOT your gf....thumbs up from the guys?

Murukuish 2 days ago

Wow ur armpit how long did u not shave ?

SnipeYouAlive 2 days ago 5

may i borrow ur gf???hahaha

Kotaro5868 4 days ago

he is so hot

lolita15081985 5 days ago

you had boner after that haha :D no wonder i would have too!

Samaani93 6 days ago

Haha I gots to try this

antiboy551 1 week ago

Bro just subscribed to ur channel I'm 15 and I have started a fullbody workout with bench press squats deadlift military press etc. I'm losing weight and putting on muscle and getting stronger like crazy I don't count calories I try to just eat healthy. Funny as hell btw

XTheSpartanX7 1 week ago

No no no no no no no. Don't go up and kiss her, go up and bury your face in her boobs.

FridgeMaan 1 week ago 3

No dude You got in backwards. i'm doing situps in order to get a girlfriend!

iswmfastr 1 week ago 219

@iswmfastr lol well once you get one try this too haha. Its great fun

bradscottfitness 1 week ago 32

@iswmfastr YES SIR!

MW3insanity 2 days ago

@iswmfastr keep going! and when you get one, do this to maintain your body!

xen0genesis 2 days ago

LOLLLLLLLLL  thiis is legit, heres the reason y ppl dnt workout, NO MOTIVATION

6969doggiestyle 1 week ago

Comment removed

ReassureVolt 1 week ago

im writing this with one hand :D !!

serverhercules 1 week ago 73



jack01088 1 week ago

@serverhercules I'm replying you with one hand too :D

jaychou1994 2 days ago

@serverhercules hahah me too, but im playing with myself, with the other one ~~

MrSousou9381 1 day ago

i can see why he's buff.

usahero123 1 week ago

I wouldnt be able to concentrate on the sit ups

jackitpotato 1 week ago

sick man and allso gf

bololaoa 1 week ago

...does this work with wives?

pabsw 2 weeks ago 11

@pabsw no :)) !?!

mattheckkid 2 weeks ago 5

nice 'cos you get a little neck extension and obicularis work out at the same time :)

pabsw 2 weeks ago

my abs really suck - can I borrow your girlfriend? i'll return her I promise xD

007DefCon3 2 weeks ago 8

IF your girlfriend won't sit on you to do situps GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND!

IsaiahMJackson 2 weeks ago

alright what an i watching this is like amateur porn and by the way your girlfriend has a very nice body props

lukeslonergan 2 weeks ago

its not just abs endurance your working...

urrmama1 3 weeks ago

Muhaha! Nice thing

nexxo93 3 weeks ago

CLEVER! and cute

babylana70 3 weeks ago

this is so funny:P

kokipWnZ 3 weeks ago

The sit up is old news, the way to do them is that you lay on the floor,take a cushion fold it in half, place it under you lower back, come up just enough to crunch your abs as though they it is an accordion, also in this postion with the folded cushion you won't be abled to come up all the way of which works the hips not the abs. Your abs will hurt like all get out which means they are being worked not your hip flexors

zomeos 3 weeks ago

Dude this is a very good technique except one thing, after the first sit up I wouldn't go back down, LOL

Thats5Bucks 3 weeks ago 2

2 dislikes what the hell? Really awesome videos man! Good job.

AvengedSevenX702 3 weeks ago

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Muscle4LifeX 4 weeks ago 2

Press 2 several times for youtube porn xD.

Muscle4LifeX 4 weeks ago 8

after watchin this video...

me: babe will u sit on me so i can do sit ups and kiss u and be inspired to do more and more

and get kisses.

Girlfriend: umm no thats dumb.

me: then um. i think we need to see other people.

hahah true story. cuz if she wont help me someone other girl will :)

SCANTRAXX2304 1 month ago 2

Or you could just have sex... thats a good core workout

jahhhhhh123 1 month ago

this is a good idea minus the kissing...just to lovey dovey for me...

karr017 1 month ago

And when you finish your reward ***SEXYTIME***

bazinga1969 1 month ago

that is so cool... nice one!

bazinga1969 1 month ago

All I need is just a girlfriend,,,6 pack here i come

vvkvsw 1 month ago 6

Shes helping you cheat, tell her to keep her back straight!

bloodstreak87 1 month ago

I need a new girlfriend : D

fpsPirate 1 month ago

Tried this once, I couldn't even finish 5 sit-ups until things got um.............. heated..... women just can't live without em

vaddy23 1 month ago

thank u for this tip i only have a 4 pack but now i will defs have a 6 pack

metalmash19 1 month ago

if i did that dude my dick would go inside her lol ...

I could not help this lol

kane123369 1 month ago

i agree that's a real nice ass !

Erosennin450 1 month ago

@Erosennin450 she really does have a nice ass!

jenny6676 1 month ago

too cheesy

mid918 1 month ago

she's got a nice ass!

Archibald93 1 month ago

How did you NOT get a boner?

Archibald93 1 month ago 3 husband would insist some MAJOR sexy time afterwards ;)

Skyetropics 2 months ago 2

This is actually a pretty good idea.

antoniorossiz 2 months ago

very dissappointed; thought this was going to turn into a porno...

MatthewRLyons 2 months ago

Very Interesting! I like

highwood18 2 months ago


motleyfitness 2 months ago

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rockytroll 2 months ago

Damn That would Motivate me even More,,  :)

wrestlepitstud 2 months ago

lucky girlfriend!

themuscleluvr 2 months ago 31

@themuscleluvr faggot

los1wochos 3 weeks ago

next time pls ask your girl to hold the camera and video you crunching those hard abs.

feilou1 2 months ago

I'll immediately get a boner.

Kr4zi4ur0mg 2 months ago in playlist More videos from bradscottfitness 136

@Kr4zi4ur0mg haha, that's exactly what I was thinking about my boyfriend. I was like, um, that wouldn't work for him.

jenny6676 1 month ago

@Kr4zi4ur0mg If my girlfriend sat on me i go limp and go short of oxygen !

welshslash 3 weeks ago

fun workout! ;) i will have to try this out! :)

MissNorthCarolina1 2 months ago

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