Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bersih 3.0 video - Sogo & Masjid Jamek area - Follow up footages


Najis Negara !

klangboy5737 25 minutes ago

This is jz too MUCH!!! I feel so ANGRY to see all these!!!!!!!

Najib and Hishammuddin..!! Answer to all these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teriusteoh 51 minutes ago

fortunately Tian Chu was there and try to save the guy

check 0:50-1:00

AND this video is same location with "Cop points gun at protestor "

please notice the 2 motor there

here's the link FyxKyu0dKjE

scs2002 54 minutes ago 2

shame of these bastards.

jxjackson 57 minutes ago

this is too much....

lusoohan 1 hour ago

samseng using the best oppoturnity to show their kung fu

feyfey88 1 hour ago

Good Job for ! who took this video.

lusoohan 1 hour ago

Please re-title this post as "Malaysian Police Brutality #(n)"

jumpluffex 1 hour ago

19 police watching this video and give a dislike =-=

MrYCTAI 1 hour ago

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killer9394 1 hour ago

those trash should be shot by ak

hksp 1 hour ago

peace, please.

stephaniesuke9 1 hour ago

There is soo many videos of police brutality against unarmed civilian. The ones who are breaking the laws are the POLICE!!!!

leehengchoon 1 hour ago

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Author withheld

This should be on the newspaper. I am ashamed of this police. Are they train to be this brutal?

RenzoRenz1 1 hour ago


klyiling988 1 hour ago 2


LouisFJC in reply to klyiling988 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

is this what they have learn in school?

freedomx5 1 hour ago

at the end of the vid, sy terpk, sape llki yg pkai baju putih..xpkai baju polis, tp pukul org..

makalthum ishak 2 hours ago


jaysim888 2 hours ago

o0o F**k 1 Malaysia Police force

Hunt3rLoke 2 hours ago

If not for the uniforms, I'd have thought that a pack of gangsters have just beaten up a man.

1000wrongdecisions 2 hours ago

padan la muka. elok polis tu berjalan yang ko baling objek kat dorang pehal? saje cari nahas

abangmachokacak 2 hours ago

woi!! lompat atas kereta waja polis, angkat barb wire, baling botol je yang boleh sabit jenayah

pukul orang macam ni okay.


anembor 2 hours ago

padan muka..yg korg blasah polis rmai2 bleh plak.kpas ni klu kene rompak ke rogol kexreport kt ambiga...

suamsu 2 hours ago

kalau berani 1 by 1 polis pondan.....

chareonron1 2 hours ago

These Gangster attracking like Mafia....they all work in Police station Malaysia! Malaysia only! Malaysia truely Mafia!

LouisFJC 2 hours ago

What the hell...perlu ke sepak terajang sampai macam tu sekali??

staffsarj 2 hours ago

Police is on top on pyramid, no one can take action again them now.... No one can help us now....disappointed.

MalaysiaofMalaysian 2 hours ago

Dataran Merdeka sahaja yang tak boleh masuk..... Dekat Sogo & Masjid jamek pun nak hentam orang ? Orang dah baring kat lantai pun nak belasah lagi ? Apa salah dia berdiri kat sogo ?

BayerMcquenzie 2 hours ago

nobody help us, who can help Malaysian?? who can fuck off those police?

christinewong2088 2 hours ago

Malaysia Boleh!

goodymanga 2 hours ago

kalau dia salah, tangkap saja lah. Pukul apa? samseng atau polis

wwc1987 3 hours ago

Fuck that shit, cuz I ain't tha one

For a punk muthafucka with a badge and a gun

To be beatin on, and throwin in jail

We could go toe to toe in the middle of a cell


killa12222 3 hours ago

Only In Malaysia

6bomok6 3 hours ago

Sebijik macam askar Israel

apokalipss78 3 hours ago 2

this is license ganster

pahangdogblack 3 hours ago

very 'professional' lol

Ron Tan 3 hours ago


Nescomaniac 3 hours ago


zeinchang 3 hours ago

pdrm the world ppl shame on u

dktat 3 hours ago

those are not police... those are gangsters in police costume

iiCanisMajor 3 hours ago

it's that a malaysia polis or a malaysia pig? lol..

J3Y0087 3 hours ago

this is what happen when they employ school drop outs

skareb 3 hours ago


acechoo 3 hours ago

I press "like" because they just made another freakin evidence~Hell Yea!

Kx930522 4 hours ago

And the police question me why do I carry a baseball bat in my car? I Told em for my protection against criminals.

topsoul666 4 hours ago

this is way too much!!!

nikonl3 4 hours ago

manusia berberangai anjing kurap mmg patut kena macam ni..

kalau tidak pihak berkuasa tidak akan buat mcm tu

gremlin674 4 hours ago

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kuoee87 in reply to gremlin674 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

bayangkan ibu atau bapa kamu yang berada di sana.

leonarldolaurence in reply to gremlin674 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

pihak berkuasa menyalahgunakan kuasa.

vvn291 in reply to gremlin674 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

Only in malaysia police beat the crap out of peaceful demonstrator..feel disgrace to live in such country

junky143 4 hours ago in playlist Uploaded videos

sebijik macam randi orton sepak kepala tripel H dalam wwe...mampus la hangpa nk menjawab depan Allah....cilakat sungguh 

afix23 4 hours ago

Rasa lah, perserta bersih pukul polis, n polis pukul perserta bersih...adil dan saksama

edaloveffa 4 hours ago

those BN supporters keep said Bersih make the riot but actually didnt!

If one day they go to street to demand something from government peacefully but beat by Polices without any reason, they will know the pain!

CapricornusTai 4 hours ago

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forgamer0310 4 hours ago

A bunch of dumbass, acting like they are so damn good in martial arts!!

myli729 4 hours ago

Ladies and gentlemen .. This is the Malaysian police .. We call this brutality they'll say it's a necessity in keeping the peace ... Whatever happened to protect and serve?

keLv1227 4 hours ago 30

salah punya polis memang tak boleh buat macam ini

Sodierof4tuneBabi in reply to keLv1227 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

u catch ppl or jz wanna bully??? PDRM pls explain, y 15 polices hit 1 guy?? COME ON, WE NEED YOUR EXPLAIN PDRM !!!

RealTaufu 4 hours ago

padan muke mamat yg kena belasah tu....hahahaha ^_^

fairusozza 4 hours ago

apa kata semua police belasah u seorang? sama sama happy kan? hahahahaha, i repeat, hahahahahaha~~~

kuoee87 in reply to fairusozza (Show the comment) 4 hours ago

so many police only catch ONE?!!! you serious? noob ass

RoseRhymes 5 hours ago

is it police responsible to protect citizen or harm citizen? so shame. 

kjun127tall 5 hours ago

Worst polis in the world..

lcc81 5 hours ago

kesian...kalau mcm ini nampaknya,,,sesuatu msti dilakukan dgn segera pd pru13!!

jasleejam 5 hours ago

police or gangster? No differences

yyoc 5 hours ago

15 orang polis yang pukul rakyat tu,u orang akan disambar petir coming soon...

wiselysuyong1987 5 hours ago

15 个打1个.。? 这是什么警察?

alenkok 6 hours ago

Pukimak Polis .... kita adalah manusia ... jangan pukul rakyat macam anjing !

ganhaikeong 7 hours ago 36

tapi anjing kita pun tak pukul macam ini

colt0ful in reply to ganhaikeong (Show the comment) 1 hour ago 2

nk cri slh mmg snang..

enciketot88 9 hours ago

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